Fight It Out Program: Empowering Teachers in Louth with Movement and Mindfulness

Louth Sesh

In the heart of Lincolnshire, an exciting development is unfolding for educators. We recently had the privilege of introducing the Fight It Out program to teachers in and around Louth. This initiative, in collaboration with Boxclever Theatre, and led by our very own Riad Richie (that’s me!), has sparked enthusiasm and interest among educational professionals.

 A Special Thanks to Louth’s Educators

Firstly, a heartfelt thank you to all the teachers from Louth, especially those from KEVIGS and Skegness Academy, for participating in our program. Your enthusiasm and engagement were the fuel that made our session a success.

A Glimpse into the Session

We conducted a one-hour taster CPD session focused on integrating movement and mindfulness into the teaching environment. This session was not just about physical activity; it delved into managing frustrations and stressors that are inherent in the educational field. The goal was to equip teachers with tools to create a more harmonious and productive work environment.

The Session’s Impact

The feedback we received was incredibly positive. Teachers expressed how the session offered them new perspectives on handling daily challenges in their work environment. It was inspiring to see how movement and mindfulness could bring such immediate and practical benefits.

Looking Ahead

This is just the beginning. We’re excited to announce that plans are underway to expand this program into a full-length workshop specifically tailored for teachers. The aim is to provide a more in-depth exploration of the techniques and strategies introduced in the taster session.

A massive thank you goes out to Leanne Marritt for her instrumental role in organizing this session. Her efforts made this event not just possible, but a success.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates on the full-length workshop. We believe that empowering educators through the Fight It Out program can make a significant difference in both their professional and personal lives.

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