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Learn Stage Combat

Create a Scene

Star in your own Film


Designed for Secondary and above or Ages 12 - 19

Engaging 3 Day Workshops for Schools

Promote teamwork and boost self-confidence.

We can accommodate an entire year group for our workshops, choreographing safe and professional battles for up to 300 students.


Core Framework

1) Structured Group Learning

Enhance interpersonal skills and communication.

Students are divided into groups. With our guided instruction, they learn stage combat techniques which they’ll use in the subsequent phase. This structured learning encourages collaboration and mutual respect among peers.

2) Creative Scene Crafting

Stimulate creativity and emotional expression.

Students are then assisted in creating their own drama scenes, integrating the combat techniques they’ve learned. This exercise taps into their creativity and serves as a therapeutic outlet for emotional expression.

3) Finale: The Grand Battle

Celebrate collective achievement and resilience.

The final day brings all the students together, using their individual scenes as blueprints, to create a grand battle. This culmination not only showcases their combined efforts but also reinforces the importance of teamwork and mental fortitude.

Additionally, the battle will be professionally filmed and edited, providing a lasting memory for both the students and the school.

Studying Shakespeare?

Connecting Combat To Shakespeare 

Cross-learning through classic scenes.

We can utilise key moments from Shakespeare texts, offering students a unique opportunity to emphasise cross-learning. While they engage in combat, they also delve deep into the drama, enhancing both their physical coordination and intellectual understanding.

Beyond Shakespeare: Adaptable Learning

Explore and understand violence in literature.

It doesn’t have to be limited to Shakespeare. If a text contains scenes of violence, we’re here to break it down in a safe and enjoyable manner. Our approach ensures that students not only understand the literary context but also the emotional nuances, promoting mental well-being and a deeper comprehension of the material.

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